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Vinyl Liner Pools 

A Vinyl Liner pool has five main components. These components describe the essence of a vinyl liner pool. These five components include:

  1. Wall Panels

  2. The pool base

  3. Vinyl Liner

  4. Steps

  5. Comping

Additionally, the construction of a Vinyl Liner pool goes through several phases. And it takes 4-8 weeks to complete. Here are all the phases it goes through:


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Phase 2: Wall Panel Assembly


                During this phase, we bolt the wall panels of the pool together and secure them with braces for support.  We also put it in plastic or fiberglass steps during this stage.


Phase 3: Concrete Footing


              Before we begin this stage the footing inspection must be approved by the inspector. Once it is approved we will pour 8 inches deep concrete footing around the outside parameter of the structure to lock the wall panels in place. This phase will take approximately a day.

Phase 4: Pool Plumbing


               This phase consists of plumbing around the pool and to the pump and lastly, we install the filters. The duration is 1 day.    


Phase 5: Base Installation


           At this stage, we lay down the mixed vermiculite or grout and trouble it places. Essentially, this will cover the exposed earth. This normally takes 1-2 days to complete.


Phase 6: Installation of the Liner


            We place the liner in the pool. Then we use the vacuum to remove the air behind the liner. Once the liner is adjusted, the wrinkles fade away. Once we are finished with that we begin filling the pool with water. It takes 1-2 days to complete this.


Phase 7: Patio Installation


          For the patio installation, we first need a bonding inspector to take a look. We must ensure the material beneath the patio is stable (properly connected.) This will take 1-2 weeks to complete.

Phase 8: Start-Up


         This is the final phase of the project. We will adjust the water chemistry to bring it within the accepted ranges. As well as clean the filters, until water is clear. This process will take 1-2 days to complete.

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