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Gunite Pools 

        Generally, we use the REBAR framework that is sprayed over with concrete and sand mixture to construct a gunite pool. We prefer this method because unlike the traditional method it doesn’t require a wooden framework to hold the shape of the basin. Gunite is made from substances that will last. It takes 4-8 weeks to achieve the final product.


The Construction Process

Phase 1: Utilities mark out and Pool layout


           First, we must mark out underground lines, such as gas, water, and electricity. Then, we meet with the homeowner to finalize the position of the pool. Once everything is agreed upon you will be notified about your dig date.


Phase 2:  Excavation


               We dig a few inches more than the final size of the pool. This space is for the gunite and cement mixture.  

Phase 3: Steel Installation


       After we are done digging, we install reinforced steel throughout the entire pool. We install ¾ bricks underneath the steel throughout the pool as well. When we shot the pool the steel will in the middle of the gunite.


Phase 4: Plumbing


       We design a plumbing system so our suction lines are all separate. This will further assure that no cavitation occurs. Cavitation of a line is when the pump is not getting enough water due to the downsizing of the pipe.


Phase 5: Gunite Shell  


       Then comes the gunite shell. Gunite is the dry mixture of sand and cement blown through a hose and the water is added at the nozzle. We can basically make this materially extremely dry. This forms the strongest form of concrete. This is why gunite pools are built to last.


Phase 6: Tile & Coping


        During this phase, ceramic tiles are installed around the parameter of the pool. The tiles are to your preference and we will wait until you have selected them. You will also be asked to select a coping for your pool. Coping is the finished product the rests on the gunite bond. You can select from concrete cantilever, brick, or stone.

Phase 7: Concrete Patio


       We secure your patio with stamped crushed stone as the base. Then we offer optional patios that will fit your style and your budget.


Phase 8: Plaster


        This is the last phase of the construction, plastering. The interior is sealed and we have the finished product. We use white plaster for true pool and spa finish. Like always we fill the water and clean the filters until the water is silky clear. The white plaster creates a brilliant, clean, light blue appearance that is smooth to the touch.

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